Freitag, 8. November 2013

Treasure Hunt !

I was visiting my friend Erik yesterday in his new hometown and he showed me his local hobbystores.

The first two were not impressive and the third and last one was horrid.  Dirty, cluttered with trash, holes in the walls and an uninterested smelly guy behind the counter, just chatting with some friends about online games.  :?  The goods were unorganized, everything mixed together BUT then it hit me hard.  :shock:  Lots and lots of Oldhammer Stuff.  :o  Sealed Boxes, Blister and hard-Blister full of lead from the 80´s and 90´s  :shock: . I broke to sweat, grabbed the only shopping basket available and went bananas. After some bargaining at the counter (Big plus for me, the clerk wanted to get back to online gaming fast) I had two bags full of stuff for a great price and got an sealed marauder Chimera for free on top.  :mrgreen:

I know. Pics or did not happen. So here we go:

(Those pics were made in the car, better pics and opening-Videos will follow, please ignore the pricetags.  :geek:

There are 6 more in the Hoard

I got two of this fellow, one with a warchief, one with shaman

This beast was given away for free in the deal.

And the ultimate Gem in the find. For me.

...and there is more, were these come from. I will fetch some more from the cave if the toymoney is regenerated ;)